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South of the border, Down Mexico way

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Government to decriminalise middle class drug use

Publié: 4 novembre 2014 par Marc Fievet dans Narcotrafic INFOS

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Lines of cocaine at a weekend party

The Government has strongly hinted that recreational drug use may soon be legal on the strict proviso that the drugs used are middle class drugs or at a push working class drugs that are being used by the middle classes.

Speaking at a hastily assembled press conference Prime Minister David Cameron said « We can’t just stop putting people in prison for personal drug consumption just because of some huge home office study that says it’s counter productive. Middle England would be furious. But if we draw a blind eye to jolly middle class drug fuelled japery, we can send everyone else to prison, thus appealing to the electorate as cool and yet at the same time old fashioned.

« Obviously George Osborne wasn’t actually doing lines of ching in that photo with the prostitute but under our new legislation he could have been if he’d wanted to, obviously not now but…

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Global News

HALIFAX – The RCMP is investigating after 400 bricks of suspected cocaine were found stuffed inside duffle bags on a container ship in Halifax.

The Canada Border Services Agency says the drugs were found last Wednesday during a search of a container that arrived at the Port of Halifax from Argentina.

The agency says the shipping documents purported the container to be carrying more than 1,200 cases of alcohol, but an X-ray showed something more was in there.

Officers then discovered eight duffle bags containing what was believed to be more than 450 kilograms of cocaine — one of the largest amounts ever seized in Atlantic Canada. The RCMP says it represents more than 18 million doses that would otherwise be on the streets.

RCMP Const. Mark Skinner says the substance is believed to be pure cocaine, but lab tests continue to be conducted.

He says the investigation is in…

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