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The international informant

Rama Yade farouchement opposée à la légalisation du cannabis
L’ex-ministre Rama Yade (UDI)à Paris, le 10 mars 2012. Saget
Par avec AFP, publié le 21/12/2014 à  17:44
La vice-présidente de l’UDI a dénoncé dimanche le rapport pour la légalisation du cannabis publié par Terra Nova, jugeant la proposition « stupide ».
L’ancienne secrétaire d’Etat Rama Yade a jugé, dimanche sur RCJ, « totalement stupide » la légalisation du cannabis proposée par le groupe d’études proche du PS Terra Nova. Dans son rapport, le groupe avance que la légalisation du cannabis serait plus efficace que l’actuelle politique de répression.
« Je trouve ça totalement stupide. C’est-à-dire que l’Etat s’enrichirait finalement avec l’argent de la drogue. Je trouve ça immoral et hypocrite », a déclaré RamaYade, vice-présidente del’UDI.« En plus le cannabis, on peut m’expliquer tout ce qu’on veut, c’est nocif pour la santé; on ne peut pas m’expliquer que le cannabis c’est bon pour la santé », a-t-elle dit.


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Cochore News

Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center

Oral Anthony Caines is the latest passenger from Guyana to be intercepted with cocaine as he made his way through security  upon his  arrival at John F Kennedy Airport.  The drug was found hidden between packets of curry and rice which he was also carrying  in his two checked suit cases.

When question about the source of the narcotic Caines claimed  his was paid US$5,000.00 by a man in Guyana to be a courier.

The cocaine was weighed and totaled 19.2336 kilos or 42.4 pounds. The street value for the drug is estimated at US$665,000.  He appeared in court and was remanded to Brooklyn  Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC).

Cocaine destined for the United States Of America continues to pass through Guyana’s airport security prompting many to believe that the authorities are involved.

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Global News

BLAINE, Wash. — A British Columbia woman is under arrest for allegedly trying to carry $900,000 worth of cocaine from Seattle to Canada.

Robyn Cortney Bell is being held at the Sea-Tac Federal Detention Center on suspicion of cocaine possession with intention to distribute.

According to a complaint filed in federal court, the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol in Blaine received a tip that a woman in a Volvo XC90 was in Seattle on Wednesday loading drugs into a secret hydraulic compartment in her trunk. Later that night, they spotted that vehicle at the border crossing in Blaine.

After a drug detection dog picked up a scent at the back of the vehicle, agents say they discovered 21 sealed packages weighing 23 kilograms. The powder tested positive for cocaine.

Bell’s lawyer, Jeffrey Steinborn, declined to comment on her arrest.

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Would you like cocaine with that?

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Matt Knows Travel...



“We have happy hour on right now, if you buy three bags, you get one free” says the waiter after taking our drinks order. The tune of Baa-baa black sheep runs through my alcohol soaked brain. There’s an awkward silence as our group of random backpackers glance at each other not knowing what to say… or do.

It’s a tad past midnight and we had just arrived at Route 36, the infamous cocaine bar of Bolivia’s administrative capital La Paz. The decision to head here was made after consuming copious amounts of cheap Jaeger bombs in our hostel bar not too far away. I somehow don’t think anyone in his or her right mind would turn up at the imposing black door “hidden” between apartments in a non-descript downtown suburb without being pretty sauced up already.

Before I continue, I’ll spare the reader a lecture about how cocaine…

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CBS San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) — The following 4 segments are from a KPIX 5 News in-depth look at the marijuana business in California since it became the first state to legalize the use of medical pot 17 years ago.

VIDEO: SEGMENT 1 (of 4):

[worldnow id=10968588 width=320 height=240 type=video]

In this segment host Veronica De La Cruz introduces a report by Joe Vazquez on the explosion in illegal marijuana grow operations and the environmental impact of those activities.

VIDEO: SEGMENT 2 (of 4):

[worldnow id=10968549 width=320 height=240 type=video]

In this segment reporters Joe Vazquez and Cate Cauguiran look at the increased crime that the business of growing marijuana has brought to northwest California.

VIDEO: SEGMENT 3 (of 4):

[worldnow id=10968458 width=320 height=240 type=video]

In this segment reporter Mike Sugerman, who was prescribed medical marijuana to treat pain from a heart condition, discovers that the strength and purity of…

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