CANADA: drug users playing ‘Russian roulette’ with fentanyl, RCMP expert warns 

Publié: 9 avril 2017 dans Canada, GRC - RCMP (Canada), INFOS

Sgt. Luc Chicoine is the RCMP’s national drug program coordinator. (CBC)

The RCMP’s national drug program coordinator says drug users are playing « Russian roulette » when they take illicit narcotics such as cocaine, heroin and ecstasy because they could be laced with the powerful opioid fentanyl.

The RCMP first became aware of fentanyl back in 2002, according to national drug program coordinator Sgt. Luc Chicoine. (The Canadian Press) 

« Don’t assume that anything you find is what it is, » Sgt. Luc Chicoine told guest host Stu Mills on CBC Radio’s Ottawa Morning.

« Any drugs can be laced or mixed, and have a certain percentage of fentanyl. We have seen it through Health Canada’s drug analysis lab into cocaine, into heroin, and mixed with other components. So right now any types of powder, any types of drugs is believed to be containing fentanyl, and dealt with accordingly. »

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