US (North Carolina): Police in N.C. Discovered 2,000 Pounds of Opium Plants, Totally By Accident 

Publié: 3 juin 2017 dans AMERIQUE du NORD, DEA (USA), INFOS, Opium, SERVICES ANTI-DROGUES

Police from the Catawba County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina seized over $500 million worth of opium-producing poppy plants last Tuesday. This was a remarkable seizure that will go down in history not only for the sheer amount of plants recovered, but also for how police made the discovery, which was by accident.  

Cody Xiong

(Catawba County Sheriff’s Office)

When officers arrived at the home of Cody Xiong, 37, for an unrelated complaint, they were surprised to hear the words, “I guess you’re here for the opium.” 
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