CALIFORNIA: Los Angeles Strike Force nabs drug traffickers, seizes hundreds of pounds of narcotics – Santa Clarita Valley Signa

Publié: 10 juin 2017 dans INFOS

LOS ANGELES – The first major narcotics trafficking indictment resulting from an investigation by the Los Angeles Strike Force was unsealed today as authorities arrested seven defendants charged with drug trafficking, money laundering and weapons offenses.

The indictment charges a total of 22 defendants who allegedly were members of a drug trafficking organization linked to the Sinaloa Cartel. The charged defendants allegedly were responsible for the importation of hundreds of pounds of methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin from Mexico into the United States. The narcotics were distributed throughout the country via a network of cartel associates, and the proceeds from the domestic narcotics sales were then funneled back to Mexico, according to the indictment.

The seven defendants arrested today are:

    Julian Rocha, also known as “JRoc,” 33, of Azusa, who is charged with being a Los Angeles-based purchaser of Mexican narcotics;

    Froilan Villarreal, also known as aka “DeL MoNtE,” of Azusa, who allegedly illegally possessed seven firearms when authorities seized large quantities of cocaine and methamphetamine from is El Monte residence;

    Oscar Arredondo, 53, of Bakersfield, an alleged drug transporter who was arrested in the Eastern District of California;

    Maria Ernestina Limon Elenes, 64, of Azusa, an alleged facilitator and the mother of lead defendant/fugitive Jeuri Limon Elenes;

    Antonio Orozco, also known as “El Sr.,” 45, of Long Beach, who allegedly transported narcotics across the international border;

    Martin Ruiz Saldana, of Santa Ana, who allegedly received narcotics from Villarreal; and

    Audrey Rose Urrea, of Chula Vista, who allegedly attempted to transport narcotics across the international border and who was arrested this morning in the Southern District of California.

The five defendants arrested today in the Central District of California are being arraigned this afternoon in United States District Court in Los Angeles.
One additional defendant – Fernando Madueno Sanchez – was already in state prison. Prosecutors will seek to transfer him to federal custody to face the charges in the indictment unsealed today.
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