INDIA 🇼🇳: Narco intelligence suffers as NCB fails to attract spies

Publié: 19 octobre 2019 par Marc Fievet dans Narcotrafic INFOS

NEW DELHI: The smuggling of narcotics is on rise in India, and ?Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata, apart from Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal, have become major transit routes for international druglords. But the Narcotic Control Bureau (NCB) does not have enough men to take on the drug cartel.

Established on March 17, 1986, the NCB is desperately seeking to hire around 100 junior intelligence officers to improve its activities. Over the past one year, it has made at least 10 attempts to hire officers, but without much success, sources in the agency said on Friday.

On October 11, 2018, the Bureau announced plans to hire 166 Junior Intelligence Officer on a deputation basis. The basic eligibility for applicants was having six years of service in their parent cadre and the NCB stated that the selected candidates would be posted anywhere in

« The task of junior intelligence officers is to ensure enforcement of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act through collection and development of intelligence, investigation as well as search, seize and arrest. The junior intelligence officer would also have to look after trials in the courts, coordinate with other drug law enforcement agencies and carry out works assigned or allocated by his superior
officers, » said a source in the agency.

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  1. Marc Fievet dit :

    En France, les autoritĂ©s douaniĂšres ont laissĂ© pourrir plus de dix ans dans diffĂ©rentes prisons d’Espagne, d’Angleterre, du Canada et de France NS 55 DNRED. ConsidĂ©rĂ© comme un des meilleurs agents infiltrĂ©s de la Douane Française ayant permis d’intercepter plus de 100 tonnes de stups en 6 ans, J ai Ă©tĂ© lamentablement lĂąchĂ© par des DG de la Douane française. Le plus couard aura Ă©tĂ© François Auvigne. Courage aux autoritĂ©s du NCB India pour recruter.



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